Our professors and consultants perform a tutorship function, giving personal advisorship according to specific needs and circumstances. Both, to youngsters and to all those who want to aply, in order to better invest; or better actuate in society; or be more pro - active in the entrepreneurial world, and similars.

  For young leaders whose families are owners of emerging organizations we develop special programs. The tutors educate, guide and develop critical vision according to several lines of thinking. We promote and encourage learning, erudition, ethical and moral behaviour, enabling our customers to act confortably in the modern international societies.

  Our tutorship´s services consist of: specific teaching at organizations and at home; social, business and leadership meetings; international travelling to the world's most important cities, showing their educational (universities infrastructure), business and social -political capabilities.

  For experienced and self-made leaders and businessmen we have specific programs.

  The consultants are at your disposal to develop contacts and offer their services.

I. B. C. I. ´s chief objective is to answer your needs, positively contributing to your purposes. That's why it has declared HIGH QUALITY, ADDED VALUE, CAPACITY OF TRANSMISSION, VALUES, ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR and TAILOR-MADE SERVICES to LEVEL people, as its main priorities.


I. B. C. I. - Institutional Business Consultoria Internacional Ltda

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