Organizational dynamics and global economies have introduced a new component to the decision-making process under uncertainty conditions: risk analysis and evaluation related to the business and to the allocation of the necessary assets and funds to achieve the desired results.

  With the help of analytical models to financial-economic evaluation of industries (ANAIND), commercial firms (ANACOM), service firms (ANASERV), financial companies (ANABANK), insurance companies (ANASEG) and social welfare (ANAPREV), as well as an extensive database for sectorial analysis, I. B. C. I. - Institutional Business - Consultoria Internacional develops exclusive models of risk evaluation and rating. These models are intended to enable a more objective decision-making for resources allocation; financial investments of individual and entrepreneurial investors; evaluators of loans and financing; credit policies and the development of an investment portfolio.

  The development of specific models for risk analysis and evaluation allows the employment of special conditions to the decision-making process. These models differ from the standard classification models and products for commercial and banking information because they allow the introduction of particular conditions inherent to your business sector, enabling you to develop risk / return data interrelation for the organization, for the industrial sub-sector and sector, for the country and for other countries with which you would like to deal.

In this sense, I. B. C. I. has the best risk, return and investment advisors. They are able to promote serious, huge investments, and small as well, with the most attractive returns. And the payment they receive is never a commission, based on a fixed rate of your precious and so hardly conquered amount of capital. It is a percent of real and proved profits, after the deduction of all taxes and givem a minimum rate of return that you must guarantee first for yourself.

  In this sense, I. B. C. I. opens the links and relationships with the best of local banking, receiving payments on a performance basis and never based on your depot alone.

  Come, ask for our credentials, and see why we are able to offer serious, correct rates of return. We are orthodox and creative. The investors do not accept, in the middle of actual uncertainty due to, menaces of wars, effectives wars and disputes, oil shocks and the else, a timid, passive behaviour, of financial advisors.

  Our consultants take the most complete measures to guarantee that your money will maintain during these hard times its acquisitive power and that it will create more profits, in a technically correct manner, far for the land of non accomplished promises.


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