Our extensive, business-oriented database gives support to the development and follow-up of organizations´ performance.

  We have some of the best organizational performance analysts working and cooperating with us at I. B. C. I..

  This area includes the creation and implementation, through participative devices, of plans, methods and advanced instruments oriented to organizational performance analysis, productivity and competitiveness in the organization.

  All these aspects are considered in terms of the organization's objectives. Special electronic charts are created in order to show the expected, effective and achieved performance at the following levels: corporative; head and branch offices; departments; sections; divisions and, finally, at the employee level. Afterwards, we introduce the suitable devices to improve results and eliminate negative gaps. We emphasyze managerial performance oriented to the production of results. These results are studied at a systemic and integrated level within the organization, until gradually reaching people performance level.

  Productive performance, which allows the distribution of benefits and part of the results among the employees, is one of our strongest areas of specialization.

  Global performance, which enables the comparison of production efficacy by type of Brazilian industry, is especially important for competitive exporters and importers.

  The consultancy formulates performance-integrated policies associated to the traditional and innovative strategic activities of the organization.

  If you do business in Latin America and in Brazil, you face huge risks to optimize assets and investiments, receivables and cash-flow. Many risks stem from the uniqueness of the local mentality and behaviour. They are confounded by cultural, ethnical, moral, entrepeneurial, governmental, fiscal, political and antropological gaps which hinder the flow of valuable information.

  I.B.C.I has the best expertise to elaborate well defined perfomance objectives and to aplly them in companies, both, private or public.


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