The better an organization is located, the more and better it can produce.

  Microlocation deals with questions such as "where", "how"and "under which conditions" organizations must be established and located. Their place in the local geography and scenery is defined, based on studies of potential; profitability; growing demand; competitive occupation and others.

  The best location of home and branch offices is determined. The best sales unit is identified. Migratory flows in the cities, as well as financial resources, products and services flows are analyzed from market to market, from street to street and from building to building. This sort of analysis is especially relevant to supermarkets, banks, retail stores and industries, in order to guarantee a comprehensive network's development or reordering according to adequate and economic conditions.

  This analysis is also a powerful instrument to the rationalization of productive processes, bringing economic effectiveness to organizations with excellency and quality above market average.

  I. B. C. I. - Institutional Business - Consultoria Internacional has nowadays one of the most sophisticated microlocation technologies available in Latin America and in Brazil, having already studied, visited, evaluated, and integrated more than 13.500 (thirteen thousand, five hundred) sales units' networks of the banking system; 2.800 (two thousand, eight hundred) sales units´of supermarkets and 6.100 (six thousand, one hundred) units of pharmaceutic units.

  Researchers visit cities and municipalities throughout the country, continuously updating the available information in order to discover, street by street, the best market unexplored segments. From these visits result cities reports that show the potential of each market to be explored.

  I. B. C. I. ´s microlocation works, thoroughly analyses, through up-to-date statistical data, the potential of economic return and the reality of districts and streets in the whole country.

  To do so, we make use of sophisticated tools that evaluate incomes and expenses resulting from each type of business in each one of the 27 states, 5.507 (five thousand, five hundred and seven) municipalities and its main respective districts in Brazil.

  The firm visits the interior of stores, agencies, gas stations, warehouses and other facilities. Through these visits, we develop detailed situational analysis, which describe the locations in terms of their present situation.

  It searches for opportunities to improve the infrastructure of retailers' and wholesalers' networks.

  Microlocation projects calculate the cost / benefit relations, by place and influence area, of new supermarkets, bars, restaurants, gas stations, drugstores, banking agencies, post offices, department stores and other similar networks.

  I. B. C. I. evaluates the feasibility of allocating, installing, opening, closing, transfering, reconfiguring and remodeling retailers' networks. We develop a combined study of all network´s units in order to know their interdependence relations in terms of geographical space and profitability.

To define the correct amount of new or more investments - capital risk - this sector determines the Optimum Size of a Retail Integrated Network (OSRIN). And as a following step, it creates active plans, to implement what is necessary, in order to fulfill objectives in a short and precise period of time.

  It can contribute to all stages of the development of logistic planning and implementation projects and programs. The consultants have wide and well-known experience in all areas, among them: Transport Problems' Analysis; Physical Products Allocation inside and outside the factories; Transport Costs and Economy Development; Packing Configuration and Improvement; Palets Analysis; Optimum Managed Levels of Inventories and Production Flows.

  In summary: the consultancy improves the Integrated Logistics System of the organizations in order to reduce costs, create economic rationality and measurable speed and results.


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