Marketing and Data Base area deals with studies related to the organization's strategic, institutional, commercial and market needs. It provides statistics and information about the industrial sectors and the companies, which exist in Brazil and in Latin America, linked to economic data and statistics about the commercial activity in the country.

  This allows I. B. C. I. to have an extensive and exclusive database, which subsidizes Marketing, Sales and Production Policies. Besides, the data indicate business opportunities, unexplored market segments and new products and services.

  Technically ordered, political and socio-economic information is available, such as geo-spacial data; demographic; urban; infrastructural; financial; banking; commercial; fiscal; managerial; social; anthropological; health; education data and much more.

  These data are essentially relevant for organizations' decisions-making process. Information is reported through exclusive software in a tailor-made process, with the subsequent delivery of an electronic database.

  The consultancy develops the analysis of several sceneries, such as: macroeconomic; microeconomic; agricultural; industrial; commercial and services. It also evaluates market risks in each organizations´ sector by applying an extensive data group about incomes, economic-financial structure, operational and human resources costs and expenses, among other aspects, for 258 (two hundred and fifty eight) productive segments in Brazil.

  According to an aggressive market share acquisition approach, I. B. C. I. carefully studies methods, processes and concrete actions, which can produce sales and profitability leaders.

  In this sense, Latin American and Brazilian market state, municipalities, administrative regions and districts systematically develop analysis by means of the consultancy´s cooperation, when possible. It has an extensive database, which presents the reality of Brazilian market geography with more than 600 (six hundred) different data and indicators, according to their availability.

This is an essential instrument for establishing distribution policies, determining distribution channels and evaluating potential units and sales force for wholesale and retail trade.

  Sales maximization naturally results from these prospection services. In order to further increase sales, we develop sales plans, commercialization plans and sales distribution plans; we also determine the immediate actions to be performed.

  We implement these plans in a participative way throughout the organization. We encourage the use of techniques of Implementation, Control, Performance Analysis and Sales and Commercial Results Evaluation.

  We organize sales teams and evaluate the optimum size and performance of sales force for each organization, considering global economies, Latin America, Brazil, states, municipalities, districts and addresses.

The most relevant advantages of these services are:

1) Exclusive, tailor-made works developed according to each organization's specific reality, interests and needs;

2) More than three decades of experience and fieldwork held by our consultants;

3) A powerful and extensive marketing database, which is continuously updated;

4) The unquestionable success of our customers, who became sales leaders in their sectors and have verified high profits, also investing with conscience in the communities they serve.

  Our studies are useful for determining: the organizational future; strategic planning and thinking; business engineering, reengineering, rightsizing, marketing, sales, production, technology and results; price policies; financial management; budgeting; branches or sales units' location and implementation - opening or closing.

  By means of following customers' habits and population evolution, we have been significantly contributing to the creation of new products and services, specially in the industrial and services´ sector.


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