An organization is made of people. And people neeed and love Education.

  To take part of a winning team, it is necessary to have a generic Education, a lot of specialized training and capacity to transmit personal experiences.

  People, who work, have their families, dreams and ambitions. People, who look for constant innovation in their lives, their environments and naturally in the organizations where they work, must be formed and informed. And this is the heart of I. B. C. I. is a leader of modern educational systems, and provides the correct blend and amount of knowledge to all of its students and trainees, looking for their best professional performance and personal pleasure of life.

The human-resource factor is the most important one in any organization. That's why respecting, rewarding, motivating and giving support to people is a sine-qua-non condition to achieve organizational success.

  In this sense, personnel education, training and development is a natural right of the well-informed employee and an obvious necessity of any competitive organization.

  In order to answer to the various needs that exist in the human area, our courses and lectures are given by high-quality professors, executives and experts, who teach or taught, and work at the most important Brazilian, North - American, and European universities, foundations and companies.


Training services offered at I. B. C. I. - Institutional Business - Consultoria Internacional are tailor-made and developed in-company. There is a vast choice of many and diversified subjects. The organization makes a request and, according to this request, the department develops a unique, specific course.

  The instructors can adapt each course to the needs of your organization if this is previously arranged. Specific folders of each discipline and subject are regularly published and sent, answering to the market's demand and changes. It includes in these folders the programmatic contents; the objectives of each discipline; the expected results of the course; the method of evaluation; the number of hours that the studies will last; the teaching method and other related information.

  Among the most emphasized subjects in our courses are: Business Administration, Marketing, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Banking, Negotiation Techniques, National and International Finance, Credit Analysis, Macroeconomic Computer Simulations, Management of Market Geography and Sales.


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