Most of I. B. C. I. ´s consultants are technicians who have already worked at the highest hierarchies at financial, banking, insurance and credit organizations in Brazil and foreign countries.

  I. B. C. I. ´s concern is to provide banks, commercial firms, insurance companies and industries the necessary support to consolidate its finances and the products and services linked to them.

  Several I. B. C. I. ´s consultants are pioneers in the implementation and release of financial products in Brazil and foreign countries. The company has notorious experience and knowledge in operations such as financial - engeneering, arbitrage, hedges, swaps, project-finance and business-finance. As a result, this is a particularly strong area at  I. B. C. I..

  Contacts with the national and foreign banking system are multiple, enabling the construction of a business bridge in real time. Therefore, it is possible to cooperate in a regular basis with the supply of financial services for deposits and credit operations at international organisms; it is easy to build up projects; it is quick to prepare a special agenda of meetings with a representative group of entrepreneurs and authorithies and to evaluate the adoption of new actions to obtain results.

  Furthermore, I. B. C. I. interconnects and implements the multiple relations between national and foreign companies which want to establish themselves in Brazil. Industries, banks, brokers, leasing companies, insurance companies and holdings can be created, managed, evaluated, followed, and strategically contacted with the support of I. B. C. I. - Institutional Business - Consultoria Internacional.

  Concerning privatizations, new operational structures, the support to organizations´ buying and selling, remodeling and modernization is another of I. B. C. I. ´s fields of operation. The company: designates consultants to prospect potential buyers and sellers; makes price surveys and calculates the organizational good-will; recalculates and, if necessary, renegotiates financial debts with banks, customers and providers, in a typical intermediation process to bring satisfaction to all parts involved.

The whole of actions and procedures which enables the buying and selling of organizations, as well as the creation of economic conditions for the commercialization of organizations, is performed by I. B. C. I. Concerning privatizations in Brazil, it has worked in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte, among others.

  Brazil has among the three highest real interest rates in the world. This means much higher risks than ordinary, and especially attractive rates of return to those who are risk lovers and are apt to invest in local capital markets and direct investments.

  Because of these opportunities, the consultancy is able to promote and establish the best market - oriented investments, suggesting the most attractive ways to multiply the capital.

  It is important to newcomers and well - established firms to adopt a severe financial management, in order to avoid loss of liquidity, profitability and self - sustained leverage. At I. B. C. I., financial consultants work with the best practices of Finance. They use the right tools, for the local demands, as free cash - flow; optimal capital structure; best treasury applications; highest profits of real investments; best return on bonds, fixed rates notes, and similar.

  The consultancy has the correct contacts and tools to identify economic, social, non - governmental and easily assimilated investments in the region of the Amazon, which represents 67% of the country.


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