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    Founded in 1987, I. B. C. I. - Consultoria Internacional Ltda. is an active and successful consulting firm, working in Brazil and overseas. Its original name is Institutional Business, Consultoria Internacional Ltda., which emphasizes the institutional and corporative dimension that shaped the creation of the organization.

  Its associates and representatives are placed in many countries and among the most important capitals of the world. A group of correspondent consultants completes the flexible and dynamic configuration of the firm overseas.

  I. B. C. I., or Institutional Business, Consultoria Internacional, has deep knowledge concerning the scenery of business affairs which characterize latin-american countries and specially Brazil. Its consultants develop specialized research services in the economic area, according to the demand wherever they may be needed.

  The professional staff of the organization includes consultants who work in-company, conducting work teams configured to answer to the customers' needs. These customers are generally large firms, which are leaders in their sectors.

  The excellency of I. B. C. I. - Consultoria Internacional allows it to develop advanced consultancies, educational programs, technologies, calculus, electronic memories and routines, and processes which are continuously required by the business system.

  I. B. C. I. ´s consultants come from the best Brazilian and foreign universities. They have Master and Doctor degrees in their specialization areas. Their Excellency and experience assure the credibility of their services. Several of them act as Counselors of powerful economic sectors.

  I. B. C. I. ´s services are totally unique and exclusive. They are configured to answer to each customer's needs. Follow-ups are implemented throughout each service. All consultants are senior and each one is responsible for a contract from its approval to its conclusion.

  Therefore, consultancy at Institutional Business is tailor-made. Each case is uniquely considered and separately studied, and there are no pre-determined models to be applied. Adequate know-how is used to answer to specific needs, in order to guarantee the best results and promote positive customer development.

  I. B. C. I. ´s consultants know how to constitute multi-professional teams in order to create the necessary service in a short time, through the best techniques, with low costs and attractive payment conditions to the organizations. Interaction in multidisciplinary teams is natural in this process. The consultancy always transmits the production and technology acquired while working to those who are entitled, or highly graduated in the host companies.

  In order to assure integrated functioning and to turn activities operational, I. B. C. I. has separate areas of services in which different specialities are developed. All these areas are integrated in such a way that the organization is able to quickly develop, implement and maintain sophisticated projects.

  In the following pages, the reader will be introduced to these areas.

  We are at your total disposal to make contacts and offer our services. Our chief concern is to positively satisfy your needs and objectives. That is the reason why we have HIGH QUALITY, ADDED VALUE AND TAILOR-MADE SERVICES as our priorities.

I. B. C. I. - Institutional Business Consultoria Internacional Ltda

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